Image courtesy Bibi Smit. Photo by Thijs Adriaans.

Image courtesy Bibi Smit. Photo by Thijs Adriaans.

Surveys conducted by World Crafts Council Europe have found that a surprising number of craft sector leaders do not have verified or official statistics. These gaps in information highlight the need to assess policy-making for the crafts sector. 

Crafting Europe research will primarily assess the economic impact of the crafts sector in Europe. The sector has great potential for further economic growth and job creation. However, it suffers from a lack of evidence and influence. Further research is needed to better understand the state of the craft industry in Europe, and should focus particularly on: 

  •  Changes to the sector (including new digital technologies);  
  • Main challenges;  
  • The need to define a strategy and present it to policy makers. 
  • Market reach 
  • Economic impact 

We will implement a Europe-wide study to analyse, with a unified approach, the importance of craft work undertaken in Europe. This will enable us to build a basis for future comparison and further investigation. 

Open call for contracting a Study on the Economic Impact of the Craft Sector in Europe 

Submission deadline: November 23 12am (Brussels Time).