Image courtesy Caroline Getty. Photo by Rory Moore

Image courtesy Caroline Getty. Photo by Rory Moore

Crafting Business is a professional practice training programme offered by Crafting Europe. This programme aims to share expertise and knowledge to support the business development of newcomers to the industry. Crafting Business focuses on building business skills, generating revenue, and supporting marketing and promotion in micro-enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It will encourage access to national and international markets, and establish a platform for information sharing, networking and peer-to-peer learning. 

An important focus for this programme is to improve the skills and employability of new and practising professionals in the crafts sector. This includes encouraging business innovation, which is vital to European competitiveness in the global economy. Through Crafting Business, we will work with the EU to run bespoke programmes that support innovation in the crafts sector. 

By using the Crafting Business programme to learn about the fundamentals of business, new craft professionals can gain skills that will strengthen their business performance.  

These fundamentals include: 

  •  Business planning,  
  • Marketing strategies,  
  • Market research,  
  • Product development,  
  • Merchandising,  
  • Access to markets and funding supports,  
  • Access to international trade events and galleries 
  • IP protection and e-commerce.